How adversities affect the lives of young individuals? Economic hardship, domestic or neighborhood violence and loss of parents – such situations cumulatively present an implausible hurdle to the young people graduating from school, going to the colleague or starting a career. Most of them get lost in the transition from childhood to young adulthood. Many of them make wrong choices, which impart terrible long-term consequences. That’s where the role of EYPC Mentoring Group comes into play.

EYPC Mentoring Group is firmly committed to ordain a relationship that fosters growth and develop a positive future for youth. With 501C-3 status, we collaborate with the young people who are at risk to make them realize and demonstrate positivity, self-worth, and success.


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Youth Leveraging Extensive Range of Mentoring Benefits.

Mentoring is like a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and strong push in the right direction.

Mentors see more talent and abilities in you than what you see in yourself. They help you to bring out these hidden talents. It creates an endless stream of opportunities which allows the juveniles to meet their guides, and to get support and encouragement at a certain point in their lives.
Young people go through the turbulence of trial and error, they face a lot of changes and challenges. Having a mentor is hence the most powerful way to help them stay connected with the community.

Mentoring is a responsibility, or it is a commitment that requires valuable time and focuses the attention of the mentor for the progression of the mentee’s goals. It is a trick or an effort that involves other elements such as tutoring or life skill training and coaching. A sheer number of the mentor is out there, and it is overwhelming or sometimes difficult to find the best for your child.

We take pride in reinforcing appropriate and genuine care to the young individuals enabling them to deal with day to day challenges.